Will You Ever Wear Heels Again

I love shoes and I am 5’4 and I love heels of any kind. I can run in them, dance in them, work in them, no problem.

Oh, wait!

I take that back. I don’t know if I can ever wear heels again! I haven’t had heels on or actually real shoes since March! I wear molded slides, slip ons, and sneakers and I truly love them. For many months I was barefoot.

I would visit my shoes in my closet and say hi girls not sure when I will wear you again but you sure are pretty!

I would visit my shoes in my closet and say Hi Girls

The truth is it may be a full year before we are up and out again as close to before as we can remember, and even today I am not sure how often or if I will wear heels again?




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