Even The Way We Dress Will Now Be Different

By March of 2021 we will have had casual dressing imprinted in our attitude about the shoes we wear and the fabrics we choose, especially if working off site, can be the new normal for a good part of the workforce.

Do men really need to wear suits and ties every day? Do women really want stilettos?

And do we need as many clothes? And now that we realize the value of easy care clothing, will we ever buy clothing that needs to be dry cleaned, adding extra cost to our purchase? What is going on? We will want to dress up again - but what will it look like?

Right now the most popular styles for our website are the track suits. Every season I add track suits in new colors, prints, and fabrics. They sell every season because they work with any shoe in your wardrobe. They work with no jewelry or accessories or lots of jewelry and accessories. They work with full make up or on a makeup free face. And yes they are all easy care wash and wear!

Shopping online is so easy and during COVID we are enjoying the surprise box outside our door. COVID opportunities for entertainment and happy moments come in strange ways. As children we learn opening gifts make us smile and happy. So now when we open a box we get excited and FEDEX is busier than ever.


I have a shopping tip to share which is a practice I use for choosing shoes for each collection. I love shoes and I like to try on different selections at the same time to make my final decision. Twice a year I search my favorite websites for shoes and I have them all delivered at the same time.

Try shoes on with different looks to see where you have the most options

I plan a time to try them on and I see how they add some style ideas to my closet. Take the time to try the shoes with different looks and see where you have the most options and the comfort you feel in the look and the actual comfort wearing the shoes.

Take a second look the next day. And then make your decision. Be sure to return the shoes in a timely manner and you have made a smart purchase or two that is more thoughtful than random purchases.

You can do the same just for sneakers which really, as we know,  are not just for active or running anymore.




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