Self Care, Self Love

COVID made me realize I could really enjoy giving myself a manicure pedicure, cut my own hair, haphazardly color it and do self massages with a simple handball.

I have my ritual for skin care that serves me well but adding the full self care yes including hair removal eye brow shaping to my version of waxing – all quite easy.

Even more, taking the time to do this for myself gives me a sense of power in not being dependent on appointments and fitting it all in with working out and oh yes my 12 hour work days.

I do a weekly ritual of self care and I find great pride in the results

It’s good to know you can be low maintenance and self sufficient but as soon as the COVID air clears, if you can afford to support the folks we visit to primp us and do all of this for us.

We need to tip big and do what we can to get back to our local workforce. The hair stylists, colorists, manicurists, massage therapists, all and more..

In the meantime self love and self care seems to be going a long way for me.




Self Care Sundays